Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break???

Yes it's Spring Break for our kids this week (starting 4/13) and we decided to join Rich in Long Island NY while he works. It's been an interesting trip...

We actually left on Thursday evening to head down to Lancaster PA to spend Fri-Sun with Rich's parents for Easter. Traffic was HORRIBLE - getting through "construction" in PA was a slow crawl. It took us about 2 extra hours to get there. There was no real construction going on - just a bunch of cones and merges in anticipation of construction. PA is not known for their efficient and timely manner for construction projects.

Friday we visited some of the fun spots that we enjoyed in PA - the pretzel shop, the Children's museum "Hands on House" and a petting zoo.

Saturday was a low key day - we colored Easter eggs, graded papers with Annie (her High School German students could use to study more), the boys built a "Syracuse Orange" birdhouse with Papa, we had our Easter dinner, and played the Telephone game.

Sunday was Easter - easy morning, afternoon church, and then a drive to Long Island (with more traffic - this time just congestion).

Leaving PA the boys both ended up sick with either a cold/flu or allergies. There's a lot of nasty stuff coming out of their nose! My guess it whatever it is, it was triggered by the blossoms in PA - beautiful, but deadly.

Monday we had Mc'Ds for lunch, went to Barnes n' Noble for books, food shopping for the week, and a stay at home movie night.

Yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese for some fun and pizza. I then went to IKEA for my fun. It was a quick run through IKEA since the boys didn't feel that same sense of fun. I think I told them probably 100 times to stop it, knock it off, don't touch that, leave him alone, get over here.... so it was a quick trip, no time for browsing. We finished the day off with a movie. We went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was really funny. I had some serious sticker shock when I bought the tickets. $52 dollars for 2 Adults and 2 kids. Long Island is expensive, and when you add the 3D extras... ugh!

Today it's gloomy and cold rain. I'm kind of tired lugging the kids around, so we'll be doing something simple today.

We were going to try to go into the city on Friday, however I totally forgot about Rich's knee not being completely up to snuff - and walking NYC is not an easy thing to do. So we're going to just head home and enjoy our weekend at home.

I think next week when the kids are back in school I'll take MY spring break!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crazy times!

Okay - so it's been crazy around here - nothing bad, just kind of... well... crazy!

My computer died, so I'm working off my VERY slow back-up computer (aka my kids laptop). It's functioning, however I never realized how spoiled I am when it comes to web page downloads. I find myself getting so frustrated when it takes 25 seconds to download a page. What did I do before cable modem and fast computer processors? I guess it was something like - click on a page, walk away to change the laundry, click on a link, walk away to pick up some toys.... I suppose once you've experienced the luxury of instant gratification it's hard to be patient with older technology! I'm hoping to have my computer back soon! I miss you VERY MUCH! (sniff, sniff)

It's springtime here - It's quite lovely, however my ever-planning mind is racing with all of the "to-do's" of spring work. I suppose I need an attitude adjustment. I'm really not trying to be pessimistic, however I tend to look around and see the grass growing and think - oh great, I'm gonna have to mow instead of seeing the new grass growth as God's gift of beauty. I'm REALLY trying to look at life through "positive" eyes.

Things have changed for me with my church service. I was released from being the Stake Camp Director and I'm now down to just the one calling of serving as the Primary Chorister. One of my good friends was called as the new Stake Camp Director and she will be phenomenal in this calling.

I'm also trying to get my health sorted out. It's been a blessing to finally have health insurance coverage that will be easier to use since it's local and not just a "summer" thing (back when our coverage was only in Long Island). It's nice to finally get some things taken care of that have been put off for way too long.

Although Syracuse is out of the big dance - we're still having a blast with the boys and the March Madness!

And finally - my emotional state is getting better (I'm great at hiding my problems). It's hard to have gloomy days and feel like they will never end. I'm grateful for this time in life when I can see the light of day and feel the warmth of the sun (that's both literal and figurative). My days are getting brighter and I'm feeling more peace day by day!