Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up...

I had the greatest intentions of keeping the blog updated all the time, but I'm just horrible when life gets busy.

Since June...we took it easy for the six weeks after surgery until I got the OK from the doctor. My healing was "textbook" great - so I was cleared for everything at the six week mark. I'm still adjusting to the hormone wackiness. I have an Estrogen patch that helps to keep me going, however I still have a hot flash here and there (nasty things...).

A week ago Rich and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. It was great! We took a week long vacation to Seattle, WA. We had free flights that needed to be used, and hotel points - so it was a fairly inexpensive trip. We chose Seattle because it was somewhere neither of us have been and somewhere we've always wanted to go. It was an amazing vacation. Our trip in short was something like this...
Wed - Flew to Seattle, picked up rental car, checked into hotel in Mulkiteo about 20 miles north of Seattle, had dinner on Puget Sound coast at "Ivar's" (with the BEST clam chowder I've EVER had).
Thur - Drove to Olympic Peninsula, went to Port Angeles, Forks, La Push (see a theme here? YES we LOVE "Twilight"), visited the Hoh Rainforest, and drove along Crescent Lake (heavenly). It was a great day, long, but great!
Fri - Went to downtown Seattle, went up the Space Needle, ate some great Greek food, walked through Pike Place Market, then later that night - a 10:30pm show at the Can Can to see Aerobotron (4 amazing dancers with their techno/dance show).
Sat - Our down day... chilled at the hotel, swam at the hotel pool and hot tub, visited the shore at Mulkiteo (enjoyed the Puget Sound and picked up cool rocks).
Sun - OUR ANNIVERSARY - Sacrament Meeting, Drove out along Whidbey Island, picked wild blackberries on the road side (probably a quart worth - and ate them all), stopped at Deception Pass, walked along the deception pass bridge and got a bit freaked out by the height and shaking of the bridge, dinner in Anacortes, viewed the San Juan Islands (home to the 3 orca whale pods - no sighting of the whales).
Mon - Drove to Vancouver, ate lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in a 1904 trolley car, walked around historic Gastown area of Vancouver, went to Stanley park - big amazing park in the middle of Vancouver, drove the scenic route back.
Tues - Checked out of the hotel, drove by the Seattle temple, stopped by to see Snoqualmie Falls, drove to Olympia and walked around the capital building, drove to Tacoma, walked around the downtown area, took the scenic route back to the airport.
Wed - took the red-eye flight home. Rich slept for about 4 hours of the 5 1/2 hour flight. I didn't sleep... too busy working through hot flashes and being squished in the middle seat. I took my 5 hour nap later that day!

So now we're at the last week of summer vacation. The boys are trying to get in TONS of gaming now before school starts. Boys start school on Sept. 8th.

Also, we're having a blast harvesting our garden. We did a buried treasure hunt on Saturday for potatoes. It was SO much fun!

I'll post some of our pictures (Seattle, gardening, etc) as soon as I get a break that's longer than 15 minutes!

Till then... ciao!