Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm in Iowa!

I should have plenty of time to blog, but I'm keeping busy tending to my mom and dad!

I came out to the Quad Cities last week, leaving Wednesday, March 10th on the train. My dad was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia called Hairy Cell Leukemia. He opted for the one-week chemo treatment that is a bit harsh, but it gets the job done. When he went in to have his chemo pump removed, he was running a slight fever. Later that day he spiked a high fever, and he was taken to the emergency room. He was admitted to the hospital with what is called a Neutropenic Fever (a fever related to having no immune system). They put him on fluids, antibiotics and a daily shot of a white blood cell booster.

I came out to be here to help my mom. She has MS, and stressful times trigger her episodes. We visited my dad daily, for the 8 days he was in the hospital. He is finally home now. They kept him in the hospital to allow for his white blood cell counts to get high enough to fight little infections. Dad is still a bit fatigued, and taking things easy.

I'm staying until this coming Wednesday, March 24th.

I have to give a HUGE thanks to my sweet hubby that is playing mom and dad for the time I'm away. Also to Haylee Christensen for baby sitting the boys while Rich was in Long Island for work for 3 days.

I'm grateful that my dad is doing well. He will never be completely cured of this particular kind of Leukemia, however it's highly treatable, and if it returns, he can repeat treatment over and over again.

Experiences like this make you remember how precious and short this mortal life can be! I'm grateful for everyday we have to share together our earthly experience.

Next blog... hopefully our Bailey Family Florida re-cap!