Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just living life...

Well, not much is happening in my life. Just living life! I thought I should post something - but my life is not too exciting right now. I'll be headed to Iowa in a couple of weeks with the boys to visit Oma & Opa for winterbreak - so I'm sure we'll have something more exciting to post then.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Surprise lunch visit!

Rich thought it would be fun to surprise the boys during their school lunch with some fresh cookies! You can see how excited they were. Trevor couldn't stop smiling and Jordan was shocked to see daddy at school. It was a good day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wii love our new toy!

I guess last Christmas was the year for Wii! Everyone I know got a Wii for christmas. We're having fun with it.

So I found this section on the Wii sports where you can check your Mii age. You can do it everyday and it tracks your progress. The first day I did it, I ended up with an age of 70! I had a great laugh about that. I've progressively gotten better, but I'm still not down to my real age. Oh well!

The kids TOTALLY kick our butts on the Wii - it's like they were just born to play the games! They got a Ben 10 Wii game on Christmas day and they played through and beat the entire game within 3 days! Yikes. I would say they're either really good at games or the game was too easy - or both!

Anyway, Wii are loving this new interactive game system!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying to be creative!

Thanks to Mindy (yes, the famous singing one), she hooked me up with some fun backgrounds. I'm trying out different looks for my background (I should be doing laundry - but this is so much more fun).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Silly Happy Happy Silly Day!

This morning we were pleasantly surprised to see our "wounded-knee" daddy up making a happy breakfast for all of us! He wanted to show everybody in our family how much he appreciated everyone's help with all of his "I need" requests.

Here is Rich with his "Happy to see you" breakfast!

This is a picture of my plate (with dimple included). Notice the freckles too!

Here's Trevor picking his nose at the table! EEWWW Trevor - don't pick your nose and eat it!
(Okay so I've been busting a gut over this - There's something wrong with me)

This is Jordan's funny face breakfast. Jordan added the "growth" onto his nose!

This is Trevor going outside to get the mail... notice the shorts and light jacket... I guess he didn't notice the perma-ice on the driveway... you know what happens when it's SO cold that even road salt does nothing to help melt the ice.

Trevor got into the car on our way to JD's Fish and Grill and immediately asked if we could turn up the heat in the car... um, Hello - put on some pants and a real winter coat!

This last picture is of the boys at JD's Fish and Grill. We were going to go there with Oma & Opa during the Christmas break, but one thing or another always kept us home. (We missed going with ya!)

The boys loved the food and had fun sitting by the fish tanks. I was thinking how cool the fish tanks are all around the restaurant and then had the thought that it's actually pretty sick to be watching the cute fishies in the tanks while chowing down on their cousins! Anyway, it's a great atmoshpere!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Life!

Okay, I'm getting back to my "normal" life again. I have to say I somewhat enjoyed the unstructured disconnected me. During my Christmas break, I didn't check e-mails for days and kind of let the day to day things go a bit. I'm paying for it now with trying to get my life back in order, but I really enjoyed "letting go" of my controlled self and just enjoying my parents in town. (Thanks mom and dad for the vacation from my life).

During the Christmas break we enjoyed LOTS of snow, porch diving (see my dads blog for pics), puzzles, good food and snacks, and spending time with each other.

After Christmas, on Monday, 29th, Rich had knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and several meniscal tears.

It's been a week since surgery and Rich is doing great. His recovery is better than average (then again Rich wouldn't have it any other way - always above average in everything he does). When we visited the doctor just 2 days after surgery the doctor was very impressed by his healing and wished another patient of his could see Rich as an inspiration. It's always great to see what the power of Priesthood blessings, and faith can do!

School is back into the swing of things as is babysitting for me (WOW - 6am comes way too early). When the kids got off the bus yesterday after their 1st day back, it looked like the walking dead. They were all tired and bummed out to be back into school mode. They're already counting down the days until Winter break in February.

Anyway - back to life (bills, laundry, errands, tending to my sweetie, cleaning, dishes, grocery shopping... the list goes on and on).