Friday, October 30, 2009

Pictures Have Arrived!!!

It's taken me a while, but I finally have the pictures from Seattle downloaded from the camera and then uploaded to the blog! We hope you enjoy a small glimpse of our trip!

------------ Day 1 ------------
Flying to Seattle, getting settled.

-------------- Day 2 --------------
Olympic Peninsula, Crescent Lake, Hoh Rainforest, Forks, La Push

The drive around the Olympic Peninsula is INCREDIBLY beautiful!
This is the view of coming down along Crescent Lake.

Crescent lake with the mountains right up to the lake. We drove
with the mountains up to the one side and the lake on the other side.
SO beautiful!

Crescent Lake

Rich and Angie at the Hoh Rainforest,
in the Olympic National Park.

Fallen arched tree...

Rich in the rainforest's the dry season
and it's still SO green!

Angie framed by some tree branches...

Rich with the HUGE trunk of a fallen tree... 200+ feet tall

It's a beautiful drive in and out of the Hoh Rainforest...
18 miles into the Olympic National Park

We made it to Forks! We love the Twilight books! We took
the one way 145 mile trip from Seattle to Forks!

Treaty line between Forks and Quileute Indian Reservation...

Vampire Baseball anyone?
Baseball game scenes filmed here for Twilight.

Howling wolf driftwood on La Push Beach

Off shore rock formations at La Push Beach.

Surfing at La Push beach in 45 degree rainy yuck... still beautiful!

Quileute Alphabet (posted at the post office in La Push, WA)

------------- Day 3 -------------

Space Needle

Space Needle from below

Downtown Seattle view from Space Needle

Pike Place Market

Masses at the market

------------- Day 4 -------------
Taking a lazy day in Mukilteo at the shore

Ivar's - the BEST clam chowder I've EVER had!

Surf board driftwood...

Angie getting her toes wet in the water!

-------------- Day 5 --------------
Happy 13th Anniversary - Whidbey Island, Deception Pass, Anacortes

Wild blackberries... YUM YUM YUM!

Useless Bay on Whidbey Island... why is it useless?

Oh deer... we came across 6-7 deer at this cottage hotel... they totally
were not afraid of us... this was a beautiful view!

Deception Pass Park

Rich on the huge rock by the shore...

Water crashing on the rocks...

Deception Pass bridge

Deception Pass bridge from the middle island just off the bridge.

Views from the bridge.

Anacortes... we just came across this shore stone gazebo in a neighborhood park.

View of the San Juan Islands
where some Orca Whales live.

I think this boat is out of service! Too cool!

------------------- Day 6 ------------------
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Gastown" in downtown Vancouver, B.C.
We ate inside the trolley car - fun!

View of downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park.

Video of the Vancouver waterway - with jumping fish - funny!

Flower gardens at Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

Countryside view of the mountains - Beautiful!

---------------- Day 7 ------------------
Seattle Temple, Snoqualmie Falls, Olympia, Tacoma

Seattle Washington Temple

Did you know the temple has a bunny...

Snoqualmie Falls Observation stand (a bit on the ...
"are we going to fall off the edge" for me).

Snoqualmie Falls

Love this... for sale in the visitor's center!

Olympia, State Capital Building

Olympia State Capital gardens
(nice use of corn in the garden)

Inside the capital building... it's ALL marble!

Tacoma Downtown

"Is that man really stealing the statues bag..."

Loved this bridge!

It was a fantastic trip!


jturpin said...


I love the Pacific NW!

Donahue Family said...

Great pictures!!! I love the one of you in the "tree" frame!! Its way cute!
And that boat with the trees growing out of it is cool!
That gazebo would have freaked me out too!
Love it pic of Rich pretending to steal the statues bag!! Its hilarious!!!
Looks like good times! I wanna go on a trip!

sturpin said...

beautiful pictures! It is so lovely up there!

Heidi said...

Beautiful!! I am so jealous! I would love to visit up there! So good to hear how you all are doing! I am now a follower of your blog!

Estelle said...

You guys take the BEST trips! We need to do one together sometime! Greece, perhaps?