Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm SO bad at this!

So, I'm not sure who convinced me to start blogging, but apparently I'm REALLY bad at it! The only reason I have a chance to post today is because it's a snow day, and I'm not out running around.

Life has been kind of crazy since October. Let's see... here's a re-cap!

November - went to Texas to visit my brother's and sister's. Had a great time!

December - Christmas, and celebrated my 35th birthday in Toronto with my honey, two boys, and Oma & Opa

January - back to the grind... oh and got a new calling - I'm now the Activity day leader, and a Primary teacher for the Valiant 10/11.

February - went to Iowa for winter break (not quite a break from winter, but a fun time visiting Oma & Opa)

not a very exciting life... but we are up to date now!

I hope that my next blog won't be 4 months from now... we'll see!


jturpin said...

WAIT!, What other brother did you visit here!!!

Heidi said...

Who ever said you had to blog all the time to be good at it?!! You are great! It was nice to hear from you. Those girls sure are lucky to have you as their Activity Days leader!

Estelle said...

Yay! The Bailey Buds are back!!

Donahue Family said...

I like reading yer blog!
Keep up!